OTTNOT Online Selling Service vs. Selling It Yourself

Waiting for a Craigslist buyer. Again.
Waiting for a Craigslist buyer. Again.

Alright, so you just started renting a house with a few roommates and have some extra stuff. What are your options at this point?

  1. Try to make it all fit a la Hoarders
  2. Throw it away or donate to Goodwill
  3. Sell the extra stuff

Let’s say you choose option 3 – sell the extra stuff. After all, the whole reason you rented a house is because you needed to save money in the first place. Ready to get selling?

  1. Clean up your stuff.
  2. Take pictures.
  3. Find the cable to transfer the pictures to your computer.
  4. Figure out how to actually get the files on your computer.
  5. Do some image editing so the pictures present the item.
  6. Research how much the item is worth.
  7. Decide where to post the ad – for most, this is Craigslist.
  8. Write the ad, using HTML to format. Get nervous about posting your phone number.
  9. Wait for the emails, which you must respond to quickly, because Craigslist buyers are notoriously noncommittal.
  10. Meet with the potential buyers, either at your rented house or at another location. Remember likelihood of buyer being late or not showing up at all.
  11. Possibly negotiate the price with buyer.
  12. If your item doesn’t sell, remember to repost it again or else it won’t sell ever.

Excellent! Just 12 easy steps for you to make $10! Yeah, after all that, I’d rather just throw it away too.

But now there’s OTTNOT, the online selling service. We do all of the above for you – and get you a better price too. How? Years of online marketing and ecommerce experience means we know the best ways of selling online. Many times, Craigslist is NOT the best way to go … and many times it is. But how can you beat this process?

  1. Tell OTTNOT you got something to sell.
  2. OTTNOT picks it up from you and sells it.
  3. You get a check in the mail.

Easy as 1, 2, 3! So, what do you have to sell?

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  1. Allen Kloch

    Hi Jon. Good talking to you a few minutes ago. Let me know when you have the truck. Looking forward to doing business with you. Allen Kloch

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