Common questions – “Do you sell that?”

All online selling service questions are welcomed!
All online selling service questions are welcomed!

I have had a great time in the Tri-Cities introducing my new online selling business to some of my first clients. I am learning how to accurately and succinctly describe what it is that OTTNOT can do for the average American. Along the way, one of the most common questions I have faced is, “I have X. Do you sell that?”

For the most part, the answer is going to be yes. The essence of OTTNOT is connecting sellers with buyers. If someone is willing to pay for your item, then I am willing to sell it. It’s how OTTNOT makes money! So if you have an item that you aren’t sure will be worth anything, you can assume that it is.

Of course, there are certain items OTTNOT cannot sell. Anything alive, for example. Or anything radioactive. I don’t care how much Iran is willing to pay for it, I’m not selling it.

One thought on “Common questions – “Do you sell that?”

  1. Michael

    This is great! I bet I will have some photographic equipment for you to sell soon. Look forward to working with you yet again my friend.

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